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We take care of the development in Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating Sport

We organize various educational and competitive events at a high quality level.

Our team is able to organize competitions, educational summer camps, preparatory camps and seminars at a high quality level. We developed several diffrent tools for organization, management, implementation draws, live video broadcasting etc ...

Running competition …


Selling Videos

Selling edited videos from our archive.

IT support for Competitions

We organize and manage competitons with ISU system and our own tools.

Statistics and Archive

We process the collected data during and after the event and maintain the archive.

Skating Institute Team


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    Ivan Pfeifer

  • E-mail: skating.institute.eu@gmail.com Phone: +386 41 635 304Read more

    Ales Grabriel

    Managing Director

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    Marko Bezgovsek

    IT Advisor
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